Saturday, January 14, 2012

Liberal Change For Innovation

May 2 2011- The Liberal Party had its worst defeat in history.

June 18 2011- The Liberal Party holds an extraordinary convention over the phone and online, the first teleconference of its scope and size in North America.

January 11 2012- Despite suffering worst electoral defeat, Interim Leader Bob Rae announces the Liberal Party has raised the most money it ever has in one year.

January 13-15- the Liberal Party's national convention is the first to be completely broadcast live online with 13,000 views on the first day alone.

A defeat isn't a defeat if it makes you better for it; and winning isn't winning if you're the worse for it. After the last election the Liberal Party had to change and it's beginning to. And though the Conservative Party rightly won the last election, they've done nothing to broaden their party, to incorporate new technology, and listen to members.

The Liberal Party's innovation in embracing technology like no other party has between elections only strengthens the ability of its members to use it during elections at an unparalleled level. 

In the decades to follow when the Liberal Party still exists, when the party is stronger for losing, Liberals will look back and admit they needed to lose in 2011; the Conservatives will look back and only wish they had.

With the unprecedented use of technology, with the openness of change to the party, and with the opportunites before us, looking at May 2 to today, the Liberal Party is better, and tomorrow only looks brighter.

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