Monday, January 23, 2012

Liberal History

Laurier, McKenzie King, Pearson, Trudeau, Chretien all mean nothing to the Liberal Party, to Canada if we as members and as Canadians do nothing.

Though each man was great in his own time, their greatness today rests on our shoulders. For if the Liberal Party was to disintegrate, was to collapse, the ideals these men stood for would be shown to be temporary, to be insufficient to cohere a party, let alone a country.

If Liberals do not define what Liberalism is, they relegate the ideology to Laurier's tomb and show both to be long dead. If Liberals fail to build a party, a new party by soliciting opinion, they will not only let our banner fall, but so too the history of Pearson, a Liberal who built a party to listen and to act. If Liberals cannot risk being wrong, they judge themselves so and surrender the rogueness that Trudeau inscribed into our party to Conservative mediocrity. And if Liberals are not stubborn, if they waver and give up, they let the determination that Jean Chretien instilled in Liberals to become barren and infertile.

Past Liberal Leaders, past Prime Ministers were great men, but for their contributions to our party, their ideals to be remembered, to be honoured and to be sustained, our party must continue, must work, and must succeed.

As Liberals we stand on the shoulders of giants, our history proves these to be men who were giants of ideas, principles and values; but that history, and all history is meaningless if our actions today aren't influenced by it.

For all that Laurier, McKenzie King, Pearson, Trudeau and Chretien did in building a party, if the members today do nothing, if they do not hold policy socials, do not have the nerve to ask friends to sign up, and stop trying after one or two rejections, if the members today do nothing they condemn that same outcome to all who came before them. A Liberal Party that does nothing will not exist and its history will not continue to contribute to our actions, to our country.

If Liberals do nothing today, nothing will be our past and nothing will be our future. Liberal history is great, but only if we are today.

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