Monday, January 16, 2012

A Liberal Spark

A national convention this weekend showed that out the ashes of the Liberal Party there was a spark. That in Ottawa, where once the largest Liberal flame burned, where once it warmed all of a cold Canada, this weekend the city now home to the party's cinders flared the tiniest but most ardent spark of love, liberty, and democracy.

Adopting policies like opening the party up to non-members, allowing the public to vote for Liberal leader, preferential ballots for general elections and marijuana legalization were the ignition, lighting up the hopes of Liberals across our country. But a flash is not a fire, a spark is not a blaze, and just as fast as the flare was created, it can go out even quicker.

Whether you approve or not of the policies passed this weekend at the Liberal convention, those keepers of the flame who traveled across this country to start anew, did do something; they did create a light of inspiration and hope. The spark itself is not something that can be judged, it's what's done with that spark that matters. It's whether that spark is fanned that will determine whether liberalism grows or is extinguished.

This weekend's policies are not what matters, what matters is that a spark was made, and though sparks can burn down buildings they also power engines and move the world. This weekend by itself does not matter, it's what we do after it that does, and yes we can let our spark go out or we can let it burn down the last remenants of the Liberal Party, but we can also give it oxygen, we can kindle a flame, not just in Ottawa, but in every Canadian.

This weekend the Liberal Party created a spark, what happens with that spark is up to us.

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Michael said...

Sparks can also sputter and go out - easily.