Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Outshining Trudeau

Just as Liberals look at Justin Trudeau and ask if he is like his father, many are asking if he will run for leader; the answer to one question is the answer to the other.

Though Justin Trudeau has stated he will not be running for Liberal Leader, citing his duty as a father to his young children, there are still two years till the leadership race. And besides the fact children grow fast, one just needs to look at Bob Rae, who signed an agreement not to run, to see how things can change.

Justin Trudeau's reason for not running is his young family (though he has given other reasons at different times), but as leadership is in the minds of Liberals, whether he likes it or not, Liberals are wondering if leadership is in Justin; not just an aspiration to be leader, but an aspiration to be a leader like his father.

If Justin Trudeau decides this is the time and this is the place for running to lead this nation, in putting country first, he will be just like his father, not just in being Liberal leader, but in being Liberal leader at the possible cost of family.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau had a young family, shortly after forming his first majority, Justin was born in 1971. The elder statesman however didn't dedicate the time to raise a family like his son is currently contemplating, he didn't step down, but instead immersed himself in governing our nation running again as Prime Minister, not just in 1972, but 1974, 1979, and lastly in 1980. When Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Canada's greatest Prime Minister finally retired, Justin was thirteen.

Few sons outshine their famous fathers, to the public anyway, to their own kids, like Justin's young children, it's probably going to be a different story.

Many people wonder if Justin Trudeau will ever be like his dad, if he doesn't run this time I don't think he will be, and I don't think that is a bad thing.


The Mound of Sound said...

Sadly, the Trudeau son who seemed to emulate his father was Michel who rests at the bottom of Kokanee Lake. Justin more closely resembles his mother than Pierre. What made PET outstanding was forged in his remarkable youth and his intellectual early years.

Of the surviving sons, Sacha more closely resembles their father but stands well to the left of the LPC, right where his father was in his formative years.

thescottross.blogspot.com said...

Pierre Elliott Trudeau was far from infallible, his choice of country before family, in my opinion, exeplifies that and is possibly the motivation behind Justin's hesitation for running.

If Justin decides to put his family first before running for leader I do believe he'll have at least outshined PET in his role as father, which to me has more value.