Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sheila Copps Wants Another Ignatieff

Sheila Copps is old politics, I'm tired of old politics.

Sheila Copps wouldn't apply rules to Interim Leader Bob Rae, she would allow him to become Leader like how Michael Ignatieff became Leader, not on the convention floor but in a backroom.

Liberals cannot allow an Interim Leader to run as Leader; it would be unfair to other candidates, because they wouldn't be able to compete against the person who is already in the position with the resources and the authority; it would be unfair to members because just like in 2009 they wouldn't get a choice; and it would be unfair to Canadians because we had said we would change.

We certainly have made mistakes in the past, and we will probably make mistakes in the future, but let's not make our President one. Sheila Copps can keep her old politics for her own leadership bid and Bob Rae can win like a Leader.


CK said...

What other candidates? Not like there've been others rushing to sign up for the position. Justin Trudeau has already said he ain't interested, and frankly, he ain't ready for prime time, nor is he ready to go up against a thug (and let's call him like it is--no euphemizing) like Harper, anyway. There haven't been any candidates interested in the job since the last election.

You may not like the idea of Rae leading the party or him backing out on his word (honestly, not the first politician to do that, not the last), but if not Rae, would you rather have no one?

What is this "old politics" "new politics"? What do they really mean anyway? People spout them without explaining. It seems to imply how all things old is bad and all things new is good. That's just not true. Kinda reminds me of the idea of let's toss anyone over 40 in an old age home because they're washed up has beens.

thescottross.blogspot.com said...

Whether they are other candidates doesn't matter and I'm not criticizing Rae so I don't understand your point.

I also think the implication was quite clear of what "old politics" referred to, especially as Ignatieff's backroom appointment was referenced. Old politics is ignoring members, backrooms, against reform etc.

thescottross.blogspot.com said...

I'll just add: