Thursday, February 23, 2012

All Breasts Are Fake To What A Woman Is

Some say the world is too fake, where in reality it isn't fake enough.

Because silicone breasts, money and lies aren't real, we know more about what actually is real. The fact is the more we embrace materialism, the more we recognize how artificial and temporary it is, we recognize how real and permanent the ideas underneath are.

The more plastic our bodies become and the more they change, the more powerful the recognition of our personalities become, because they will be finally recognized as what they really are, the things that we really are.

There are very few things that one can't change on the human body, what with face lifts, breast augmentations, complete sexual transformations among other surgeries. And while some fear pursuing further plasticity of our bodies, fearing the unknown limits of collagen and silicone injections as if such actions reduce humanity into a mere essence of materialism, the effect is just the opposite.

The more we can change our physical appearance, the less our identity will rely on it. People will not define who a person is by temporary constructs but instead be defined by what is underneath, by what is more permanent and by what is more real.

Recognizing the ability and power to change the human body as much as technologically possible is indeed the only way to recognize what can't be changed, what is intrinsic to the person, to us, what it is that makes us human. And what we find will not be the materials of our parts but the ideas of our person.

This is not an advocation of plastic surgery, but an advocation of awareness, an awareness of what can't be injected, cut, lifted, or operated on, and that's personality, who we really are.

The ability to implant breasts on any sex allows for the recognition that womanhood is not dependent on globs of fat. The ability to surgically change sex allows for the recognition that gender is not dependent on the physical body. The ability to change all these physical parts makes their artificiality clear; that though they are a real part of us, they are not necessary to who we are.

Only in furthering materialism to its limits, by recognizing all of its artificial and temporary products, can we know what is ultimately real and true.


Anyong said...

I know what your point is but who is it that advocates women inlarge their breasts or what ever to make themselves more attractive...just WHO, WHO, WHO is that? said...

I would say that there is an influence, from individuals in relationships to social forces, for women to enlarge their breasts or undergo other surgeries.

But that is just one point, of many, on how our society is embracing materialism and regardless of whether it is right or wrong, the pursuit of what is fake is helping us recognize what is real.