Friday, February 10, 2012

Change Doesn't Exist Only Once

It began on rhetoric but ended on substance; this video is like Obama's campaign, because Americans can choose to continue it, to not just look back at what they have done but to look forward at what they will do.

This year Americans can continue to make history, not end it; Americans can continue to be admired, not feared; Americans can continue to change the world, not stop it.

Making the world better is not an end to itself; you can improve it, you can change it, but no matter what you do, what great things you accomplish, you can always make it better. It is not a once in a life-time chance, not a once in a decade opportunity, and not just a vote once every four years. It is not a job where you clock in and you clock out. It is not something you can start and let someone else finish.

Bettering the world, changing it, is an on-going, never-ending, ever-accummulating process. Just as a movement is not one person, change is not Obama, Obama is but a part of it. This is seen in the ending of wars, the recognition of rights, the creation of jobs, and the rise of the nation.

Four years ago may have marked the beginning of change for America, this election Americans can choose to work every day to continue it or choose to let someone else end it.

Change can exist in a moment but bettering the world never has, it is a process that depends on continuing to work for what you believe in, continuing to look forward at what you will do, and continuing what you have done. Change.

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