Thursday, March 08, 2012

BC Teachers Hurt The Left & Help The Right

The teachers' strike in British Columbia this week was bad for the province but good for the BC Liberals.

Facing challenges from the NDP on their left and the Conservatives on their right, for the BC Liberals an unpopular labour dispute couldn't have happened at a better time.

Over the last few months the BC Liberals once buoyed solely by their popular leader Christy Clark are now submerged under a pacific wave of orange led by NDP Leader Adrian Dix. It might seem contrary to commonsense that a strike by a high profile public union would serve to help the government it opposes but the rationale lies on the side of public support.

Even before signs were made, let alone a strike called, a clear majority of British Columbians opposed teachers walking off the job. More than a week ago 60% of BCers said they were against a strike by teachers, after three days of having to arrange and pay for childcare, the numbers of those opposed will have only increased.

From the start the NDP, being a party of labour with strong ties to the BC Teachers Federation (BCTF), was put into a position of not just defending teachers but supporting the unpopular strike. As a result any soft support the NDP previously enjoyed will be certainly weakened as more and more BCers want their kids back in school and only see the NDP as getting in the way.

The BC Liberals on the other hand, in beginning the battle on the side of public opinion, have only benefitted from the strike. Parents who see the government as looking out for their kids and wallets aren't the only ones who now look at the BC Liberals in a more positive light, so are the BC Conservatives.

Led by John Cummins the BC Conservatives have for some time stolen support from the BC Liberal coalition of the centre and the centre-right, but since this strike is, as all strikes are, so polarizing, Cummins and his party have been forced to support the government's position. And as the labour dispute drags on and BC Liberals continue standing up against unions and for a zero net increase agreement, two very conservative stances, the trend that once saw the Liberals bleed support to the Conservatives will undoubtedly reverse, if it hasn't already begun to.

Of course no one would suggest that the BC Teachers Federation went on strike to help the BC Liberals, but one can easily imagine that the previously struggling BC Liberals could have intentionally caused such a situation to occur.

It's speculation of course, but in BC there is no union more militant than the BCTF and none with a more contentious past with the provincial government. Recent overwhelming public support for back-to-work legislation federally would have only motivated the BC Liberals to engineer such a situation where they would be sure to not just win over the public but Conservatives too, all the while associating the NDP to an unpopular cause.

But regardless of the cause, the BC teachers went on strike to get the government's attention, and they certainly have got it, its the grin on the face of BC Liberals that they, the NDP, and BC Conservatives should worry about.

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meadowlark said...

Good grief. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are dropping lower everyday. This is the most corrupt and foul party, in Canadian history.

We support the teachers. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Harper thieved BC blind.

Because, Harper and Campbell forced the HST onto the people and the province...That asinine, very stupid tax, blew the Schools budgets right out into orbit. That couldn't have been more stupid, in a deep recession. The operation of school buses went way up, heat, hydro, phones, school supplies, everything went sky high.

Campbell had given his useless self, a $60,000 per year salary hike. His henchmen got 29%. Their gold plated pensions are obscene. Them we had BC Ferries. Hahn collected $1 million per year for his salary. There are incentive bonuses, to cheat citizens out of their services, which we pay through the nose for. Campbell thieved and sold our BCR, and the priceless Real Estate that went with the railroad. All that money vanished. Campbell thieved and sold our rivers. Campbell shipped our mills to China, along with our raw logs. BC mines are owned by China. They are bringing their own people to work those mines.

This province was totally destroyed by Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.

Christy Clark had the opportunity, to clean up the tragic mess in this province, instead she added to the the crap. Harper's other favorite henchman, Boessenkool is running this province. Christy is selling off, the rest of BC's buildings and Real Estate. BC is pretty much owned by China.

Our BC teachers salary's, are way behind the other provinces. They are not being unreasonable.

As every BC citizens know, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, lie like hell. The dictator Harper isn't doing so well these days either.