Thursday, March 08, 2012

Conservative Robocall Double Standard

If a single standard is good, a double standard must be better.

On March 5 with his party embroiled in the Robocall scandal Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro stood up during Question Period and called for the Liberals to release their robocall records. When asked less than thirty minutes later if that meant the Conservative Party will release their robocall records Del Mastro gave an obvious and unapologetic "No."

But that's just one double standard, Dean Del Mastro doubled-down. While speaking in the House of Commons Del Mastro said it was reprehensible for Bob Rae to make "baseless smears" about the Conservative Party. But just twenty-four seconds later Del Mastro baselessly smeared the Liberals by claiming the Grits aren't handing over their robocall records because they were the ones actually behind the robocall election fraud.

Recently Bob Rae has announced the Liberal Party will be handing over all of its records. As for the Conservative robocall records they will be scrutinized only by Conservatives and any wrong doing will be promptly reported. There is nothing to worry about, the Conservatives will be honest and fair in their investigation of themselves, they have to be, they're running out of double standards.

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