Monday, March 19, 2012

Conservatives Unite, Liberals & NDP Divide

It is widely known that over the last few years a certain political group has been arrogant, close-minded, and divisive, what may come as a surprise is that group is made up of the Liberals and the NDP.

Both Liberals and New Democrats have criticized Conservatives for years, alleging they are arrogant, intolerant, and divisive, but lest those two parties forget, the Conservative Party has done what those two won't, and that's be open to compromise and political union.

The Conservative Party is itself the union of two distinct political organizations that put aside their differences, to contemplate, to be receptive, and to compromise to form a strong coalition. In 2003 the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservatives were humble enough to realize they needed each other, each made concessions to accommodate the other to stop dividing the right and to unite it.

This is in direct contrast to the Liberals and the NDP who have been close-minded to the idea of a merger, unable to even legitimately contemplate it without the intolerance of irrational fear and scorn, unable to broach the idea of compromise because of unjustified arrogance, leaving the political left divided.

These two progressive parties can continue to criticize the conservatives one for being divisive, but no one is dividing the Left more than they. The Liberal Party and the NDP can continue to lambaste the Conservatives for being close-minded, but no one is intolerant to the idea of a merger more than they. The parties of Red and Orange may attack the party of Blue for being arrogant, but no one is unwilling to suffer humility more than they.

In the end though the Liberals and New Democrats should continue to criticize the Conservatives for everything that they both are, because when they're both hypocritical at least they're uniting in something.

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The Dude said...

The numbers don't lie. Merging cannot be taken off the table. All I hear about is how different the libs and NDP are. Yet many of these people would work together well in the same party. Oh, and getting rid of the worst gov't of all time should be enough for even a temporary love-in