Sunday, March 04, 2012

Del Mastro: 'Robocalls? Sure. Ridings exist? You're crazy.'

On a February 28th episode of CBC's Power & Politics Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro announced his party was investigating the Robocall Scandal; on that same show he went on to say he was not only not aware of possible fraud in a certain riding, but that he was unaware of the riding itself.

Whether the Conservative Party is investigating the Robocall Scandal and to what extent is unclear, but the fact that a party spokesman who is highly involved in the organization doesn't even know that a riding at the centre of the controversy exists is problematic to the credibility of any Conservative-led investigation.

The most troubling aspect of this video is Del Mastro's continued and sometimes abrasive insinuation that the riding of Edmonton East does not exist. Now there are many people who don't know every riding in Canada, but they don't often respond to a discussion involving a riding by implying it's not real and that the other person is mistaken.

Unless Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro knows every single riding or even just every Conservative-held riding, which he clearly doesn't, then he only has his own lack of manners to blame for the clear demonstration of his ignorance.

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