Sunday, March 04, 2012

Election Fraud Suspects Joke About Election Fraud

Do you think the Conservative Party used Robocalls to commit election fraud? If Yes, Press 1. If No, we're sorry to have called you again Mr.Mulroney.

Can election fraud be funny? Yes. Is making fun of election fraud in the house of commons by someone who is accused of election fraud funny? No.

Yet on February 28 during Question Period Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre impersonated a robocall while his party is under investigation for using robocalls to commit election fraud. Poilievre illustrated as much judgement as OJ would joking about how hard it is to find a good pair of gloves that fit.

Now comedians make risque jokes all the time about ridiculous things. Rodney Dangerfield joked about killing his wife and many thought it was funny, funny because he never would, his wife was alive, and he wasn't being investigated for her murder. When possible criminals joke about their crimes, even if they're innocent, it crosses the line and is not only in bad taste but arrogant.

Pierre Poilievre joking about election fraud by impersonating a robocall is as funny as Brian Mulroney joking about taking bribes by using evelopes stuffed with cash as puppets. Funnier still is if Canadians keep electing Pierre and set us all up for an even bigger punch line.

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