Friday, March 23, 2012

A Layton-22

Jack Layton never based his decisions on what one person would do, and to ask New Democrats to do that does nothing to honour the man or the party.

Finishing a speech at the NDP Leadership Convention Olivia Chow told the crowd of orange, "Ask yourself, what would Jack do." The thing is of course, asking that question is anything but what Jack Layton would do.

At a convention centre plastered with the phrase, "I Am The Jack Layton Legacy" the contradiction could not be clearer; a Catch-22 of Canadian political proportions.

"Bon Jack" as Quebeckers referred to the late NDP Leader never based his decisions on just what one person would do, he never tried to be anyone else, he was unique and he stood up for what he believed in. That was Jack.

He was one of a kind, to ask NDP members to be more like Jack Layton, is to ask them to be less like their individual selves, to be more common and ordinary, and as antithetical as possible to who that rare and special man was.

Bon Jack was unique, every New Democrat who becomes more like him, only becomes less so.

A party of undistinguished members, thinking the same and acting the same, is no homage to Jack Layton. A party of individuals who think for themselves is the only legacy that does justice to his memory.

To be like Jack, it's not asking yourself, "What would Jack do?" It's asking yourself "What do you believe in," and then doing it.


Michael said...

"Ask yourself, what would Jack do."

Get a massage.

Fred from BC said...

"Bon Jack" deceived Quebecers into thinking he would be around to represent them even though HE KNEW he wouldn't.