Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Liberal Post

The Liberal Party is like a newspaper, regardless of whether there is news or not, it has to keep coming out claiming something important has happened because if it doesn't it will go under.

For the last few years Liberals and others have confused causes, misconstruing the existence of policies with the qualification that they should exist. Like someone who sees a newspaper and assumes there must therefore be important news, Liberals saw extensive policies created and articulated in Ottawa and reasoned they should therefore be popular and representative of the whole country. 

Similarly elections don't guarantee quality party platforms. We had to have them, not because they're necessarily right but because we had to offer them. Because we were in government for so long, we have developed the morose habit of pumping out policies because we have to & not because we're inspired to.

Because we have policies, it doesn't mean they're good, it doesn't mean they are representative. The best assurance we have of good policies is that we create them when we don't have to for an election but have to because they're right regardless of one.

Newspapers for years didn't have any competition to their medium, they just had to put out an edition every day. After a challenge by the internet, print media organizations were confronted with two options; stay the same and collapse or adapt, look at what customers want and give it to them.

Like the newspaper industry in the last few years the Liberal Party has faced new competition. What option this party takes is any one's guess, but one thing is for sure, less and less people are buying.

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