Sunday, March 11, 2012

North Korea is no Iran

Iran has an elected President.
Iran allows for protests against the government.
Iran does not have nuclear weapons and is years away from having the capability to build them.
Iran has not declared war with any country.

North Korea has a dictator who doesn't hold elections.
North Korea does not allow protests of any kind.
North Korea has multiple nuclear weapons.
North Korea is still at war with South Korea.

But Iran is the threat and should be preemptively attacked.


The Rat said...

Iran funds several terrorist organizations and effectively controls the government of Lebanon. Iran. Iranian soldiers have advised Hezbollah and participated in attacks on Israel. Iranian soldiers have been involved in attacks in Iraq. Iran is a wealthy petro-state capable. Iran is not surrounded and held in check by its neighbours, and it has the support of both China and Russia.

Iran has repeatedly threatened to destroy Israel with nukes and has rocket technology and client groups capable of doing just that. North Korea, although it may have a nuke, has crap for missiles and their nuke was a squib to boot.

Seriously dud, are you some kind of pro-Iranian agitator or just incredibly obtuse? said...

Rat, thank you for the false dichotomy and the lack of substance; those are two things that are always missing from my blog.

Iran AND a host of other countries are committing wrong acts. The United States funded the Taliban and other terrorist organizations in the '80s. Israel or the United States are killing innocent Iranian scientists. Some American troops have purposely killed innocent Afghan civilians. Israel is still occupying land that it acknowledges is not its property. The United States is funding anti-government movements in Russia, Syria, Iran, among others.

Please provide evidence that Iran has threatened to destroy Israel with a nuclear weapon.

And "seriously dud", it's called being objective. How is a post comparing North Korea to Iran even close to being a "pro-Iranian agitator"?