Friday, March 16, 2012

The Undemocratic Conservative Coalition

There is only one federal party in Canada that calls for the creation of a coalition. Of the four major political organizations, there is only one that has in its constitution as one of its founding principles the responsibility to develop such a union. It isn't the Green Party, it isn't the Liberals, it's not even the NDP. The party that believes in coalitions so much is the same party that opposed them as undemocratic in 2009; the Conservative Party of Canada.

Of course it makes sense that the Conservatives, themselves the result of a merger between the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservatives, would dedicate their party to the building of a coalition. Granted their most recent constitution is from 2009, five years after the party was founded, the coalition spirit continues to be clearly bigger than just the party's predecessors. It also makes sense that in that same document the Conservatives proclaim that they stand for democracy, just as they did three years ago when they opposed an unelected coalition between the Liberals and the NDP.

Though it would appear that the Conservatives contradicted their own constitution's recognition of coalitions and principles advocating their creation, it was made clear by the Conservative Party in 2009 that what was so evil about the Liberal-NDP coalition was that it was undemocratic, that Canadians never voted for it. And that was true, Canadians never did, but Canadians also never voted for the coalition that became and was the Conservative Party.

In 2003 Canadians never voted for one Conservative MP, they never voted for a merger, or a conservative coalition of any kind. For eight months, from when an agreement was made between the Progressive Conservatives and the Canadian Alliance, Canadians who had voted for those parties, were undemocratically represented by a completely different one.

Though the Conservatives appear more than hypocritical, there is a bright side. As the Conservative party is itself the result of an undemocratic coalition, they've offered an incredibly strong argument why they're so evil.

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