Monday, April 23, 2012

Right West Shows Canada Is Upside Down

UPDATE: A Wildrose victory never happened and Alberta's Progressive Conservatives won. So perhaps centrist parties aren't doomed, especially if their loss of seats is ignored.

Today's election in Alberta, with an inevitable Wildrose win, reaffirms that the left side of our country is actually very right. Suggesting that politics in Canada have been flipped upside down.

The very likely election victory for the Wildrose Party in Alberta tonight will solidify a trend that has taken root federally and strengthened in the west, and that is support for centrist parties is weakening.

For years representing the middle-of-the-road, the mild mannered majority, the respective centrist party was the most successful federally, be it the Liberals or the Progressive Conservatives; or provincially, be they the BC Liberals or Alberta's Progressive brand. But Stephen Harper's Conservatives in defeating the long reigning Liberals in 2006 turned the country on it's head, perhaps explaining how the left coast became the right.

Besides the provincially-relative centrist Alison Redford's pending defeat, so too on the horizon lurks a similar fate for the party in the middle within Canada's most western province, the BC Liberals. For those coastal Grits, just like Alberta's Progressive Conservatives, face a new threat in a rising right-wing, squeezing their polling numbers into a small fraction of what they once were between the BC Conservatives and the NDP.

The Wildrose winning Alberta's election will not change the political landscape in Canada, it will however reflect what our country's politics have become, and that's less centrist and more extreme; basically more upside down.

Or for conservatives on the far end of the spectrum, Canada is finally right side up.

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