Saturday, May 26, 2012

Liberal Red And NDP Orange

The Liberal Party of Canada is often criticized for being stagnant, for not changing, but one just has to look at its logo, its branding, and more specifically, its colour to see that is not true.

Colours are important, people naturally associate feelings and ideas to them. Advertisers know this and use colours to associate those feelings with their brand. Terry O'Reilly, a former marketer and current host of the CBC program Under The Influence recently described how companies use colours to influence consumers.

O'Reilly on his show offered this analysis:
"Blue, as a rule stands for security, trust, productivity and calmness of mind. As a result, blue is the colour of choice for the UN flag. It's also the most popular logo colour in the corporate world. Think of the Allstate logo, who want you to feel you are in good hands. Or IBM, often called "Big Blue.

Green represents freshness. Think the Jolly Green Giant and Subway. Green is also about revitalization, and is one reason why the Starbucks logo is this colour - it wants to be the place where you can renew yourself"
Of all the colours Terry O'Reilly catalogues it is the description of red that proves Liberal critics wrong and shows that the Grits are truly the party of change:
"The colour Red is one of the most passionate colours. It connotes action, adventure, fire, lust, anger, courage and rebellion, for example. Therefore, it is a colour best used for action-oriented products and brands. Red, for example, is the predominant colour in the Virgin logo - which is perfect for that brand, as founder Richard Branson is definitely adventurous and rebellious."
These feelings and ideas associated with this fiery colour are exemplified in the identifying mark of the student protests in Quebec, a red square.

In all of this, a Liberal Party continuing to drape itself in red shows that it does indeed offer change. In having some of the longest serving MPs and in continuing to adopt policies that were adopted years ago, the Liberals could not advocate for change any more clearly, unfortunately that change is in what red represents.

From a colour that inspires feelings of risk, adventure, and rebellion to a colour that only leaves feelings of age, fatigue, and establishment.

In the end perhaps, and hopefully, the Liberals change everything but their colour. To do that they need to take note that red is for courage and yellow is for cowardice. Remembering that the colour that results from mixing the two, in speaking one way and acting another, is already taken.

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