Wednesday, May 02, 2012

No Party Closer To Hitler Than Conservatives

It's odd that Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper claimed last week that the NDP were soft on Naziism in 1939, not only because it was erroneous, but because of all the parties that were soft on the Third Reich it was the Conservative Party that actually funded fascists in Canada with known ties to Adolf Hitler in 1935.

Letters show that Conservative Prime Minister R.B. Bennett took the leading role in ensuring Adrien Arcand, a man who professed a ‘moral affinity’ with Hitler's Nazi Party and himself the leader of a fascist movement in Canada received $27,000, or $359,284 in 2001 dollars, from Conservative Party funds to help get the Tories elected. In fact a meeting was scheduled between the Conservative Prime Minister and Hitler's North American fundraiser though no records show they in fact ever met. After Bennett's election loss is 1935, the anti-semitic Arcand, or self-proclaimed "Canadian Fuhrer", went on to be imprisioned during the war for his unwavering support of Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Now if the Conservatives' thought the NDP in not wanting to attack Hitler was bad, what do they think of their own party for actually financially supporting the dictators' movement?

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