Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ideology Involves Action

Efficiency has no allegiances and your beliefs are meaningless if you do nothing about them. These are two messages for the federal Liberals in Canada and they come from Tea Party supporter and Arizona Congressman David Schweikert (video below)

"How do you teach people that a movement isn't sitting around a room and discussing your latest philosophy; it's being on the telephones, it's knocking on doors, it's actually taking the message to the streets.

We often see the activist Left being very good at this. They understand power comes through the voting box. They will, instead of holding a meeting, they'll actually meet in a parking lot, hand out walking lists and walk the neighbourhoods. We need to be better at that.

We have a philosophy, we have a philosophy of freedom, both personal and economic freedom, but we can't talk just to each other; we really have to get on the phones, we really have to go knock on those doors. We have to be in the neighbourhoods and in the meetings saying this is what America is supposed to be.

And I believe if we tell that story, there's lots of people who want to hear us, and embrace us, but a lot of them don't know we are out there.

The death of a movement is when it becomes insular, when it starts to become a debating society instead of we're here to go out evangelize our story. The fact of the matter is we have to get out there and save our country and the ballot box is the ultimate battlefield, that's the decision point to know whether you did it or not. And talking to each other, preaching to the  saved doesn't get any new votes."

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