Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Majority Rule by the Few

The wasteful, unelected monarchy is bad and democracy is good. Since most Canadians don't require a more indepth argument than that, let's use the democratic system to finally severe Canada's ties with the monarchy.

Let's get a majority of us together and act to get rid of the monarchy. In our democracy that will require about 38% of the vote to form a majority, and with a turnout of 61% in the last election, that's really just 23% of all people who are eligible to vote. And lucky for us, as only 74% of the population can vote and 23% of that 74% is only around 17% of all Canadians, there won't be many people we need to persuade.

In fact, to get rid of the undemocratic monarchy in Canada we don't even need to target the full 17% of the population. Like all political parties in our country, we shouldn't waste our time on partisan voters, as they're either already supporting us or never will; we only need to win over the undecided swing voters. And as in most elections those only make up 5% of the total vote, that leaves us in the end with just having to win over less than 1% of all Canadians.

With millions of dollars in donations from a few corporations, wealthy businessmen, and unions, convincing less than 1% of the total population that a few people shouldn't be in control of an entire country will be a piece of cake.

With so much power in the hands of just a few people, it's clear Canada needs to get rid of demo-, I mean, the monarchy.

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