Friday, June 08, 2012

Politically Correct Alberta Isn't Alberta

When it comes to women, immigrants, and religion, Alberta isn't known for its political correctness, but when it comes to its oil, well, that's a different story.

It's not a slight against Albertans to say for the most part they pride themselves on not being politically correct. Western Canada has been known for its straight-talking and forward approach, most notably personified in Alberta's former premier Ralph Klein, and the region should be applauded for helping Canada take itself less seriously.

But still today there is much to be said about the need for people to have thicker skin, it's just now those people are Albertans.

Most Wildrose country dwellers won't bat an eye if you misspeak or use a casual term in regards to an identifiable segment of the population, and really that's how it should be in any relaxed conversation. However, if over a few drinks with an Albertan you call the oil sands "the tar sands" you better have an escape route planned with the car running. 

For those who aren't prepared to make a hasty retreat, they will most likely be forced to acquiesce to the broken beer bottle being waved in their face and admit there is no tar in the oil sands. Meanwhile the rest of us can go on wondering why Albertans are so fanatically politically correct when it comes to their oil but not when it comes to welfare recipients, foreigners, and the whole female gender.

Now there's nothing preventing Alberta from being extremely politically correct, even if it's just about its oil, but its people need to choose; either be politically correct about oil and every other little thing or don't, and be Albertan.

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