Wednesday, July 04, 2012

America Falling Or World Rising

The United States' influence is declining in the world, but there is at least one reason why Americans shouldn't lament.

It is not that the United States is falling behind but it is that the world is catching up.

The weakening of America's superiority may raise concern at home, but Americans should draw comfort in why they're country is not as influential as it once was, and that's because other countries, be they poor or underdeveloped, that once relied on the United States are now getting richer and, with regional support, are slowly becoming more independent.

The Economist in March cited a report by the World Bank's Development Research Group which showed that global poverty in absolute terms is declining.

"The new estimates show that in 2008, the first year of the finance-and-food crisis, both the number and share of the population living on less than $1.25 a day (at 2005 prices, the most commonly accepted poverty line) was falling in every part of the world. This was the first instance of declines across the board since the bank started collecting the figures in 1981 (see chart)."
Observers' full of schadenfreude (Joy in another's misfortune) are quick to blame the United States for its own decline, pointing to problems within the country as potential causes. But such is the pessimism of human nature, for these spectators and pundits only see the United States becoming worse off relatively and they don't see all the other countries becoming better off, absolutely.

Americans shouldn't lament their decline as a superpower, they should be proud that under their reign the whole world has and still continues to advance, not past the United States, but with it.

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