Thursday, July 12, 2012

Canadians Should Envy Greeks

Canadians aren't too envious of Greeks, Italians, and Egyptians right now, but maybe they should be.

Though Canada has a relatively better economy and a stable political system, the other countries in the world facing crises have something Canada seems to be lacking, a resolve to make things better.

Facing financial collapse Greeks, who already work more hours than any other European country, are only adding more hours to their work week, some health professionals are even working for free. People across the country are becoming more informed, getting more politically active, and making their voices heard. These Greeks, in making sacrifices and being engaged, are uniting for a common cause, improving their country with a new found dedication that is currently unparalleled in Canada.

Some might respond that Canada isn't in short supply of anything, given a similar crisis we would act the same way, but those are really two separate arguments. While the latter can be granted that given a financial crisis Canadians would make hard decisions for the good of their country; the former argument is steeped in the mediocrity of the status quo.

To suggest Canadians need a crisis to better their country is akin to believing that a rich man needs to be poor before he will work hard. A drastic change to our circumstances shouldn't be required to make us want to improve our country or, for that matter, ourselves.

The current complacency in Canada is the same complacency that had so entrenched itself in the now troubled nations of the Eurozone; always striving to improve is the only way to secure our economy and our democracy.

We shouldn't need a crisis to better Canada; however given record low voter turn out, the largest deficit and government in Canadian history, declining productivity and an ever-growing national debt, perhaps we won't have to wait long till we have one.

Until then we complacent Canadians should envy the Greeks, Italians, and Egyptians, not because of their situation, but because of their united efforts to improve it.

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