Tuesday, July 03, 2012

China's 21st Century Pollution With The West's 20th Century Ignorance

China has a right to pollute like the West did when it industrialized, but China must become just as ignorant.

In defending China's emisssions, the highest in the world and only growing, the country often claims it has a right to pollute just as America and Europe did when those regions built their modern industrial economies. But the Red Dragon neglects the fact that while the West pumped out smog, blackened England, destroyed lakes, and ripped the Ozone, it was ignorant of the effects of human-caused climate change.

So it only seems fair that if the Preoples' Republic does want to pollute at rates similar to those found in the West of the early 1900s it must become just as ignorant as the West was at that same time. That means that China must give up not just the knowledge that carbon emissions heat our planet but all knowledge following the industrialization in America and in Europe and consequently all technological progress that came from it.

China can keep the dirty coal plants, but it must forego computers and cell phones, China can keep incinerating industrial waste but it must forego its satellites and space program, China can keep burning oil but it must give up its jet fighters and submarines.

It is only fair that China can pollute like the West did when it advanced a century ago, but it's completely unfair for China to benefit from today's technology while at the same time ignoring today's knowledge of climate change.

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