Thursday, July 05, 2012

Supply Management of Martha Hall Findlay's Debt

For Martha Hall Findlay the economics of supply management are simple; the economics of her 6 year overdue political loans, however, must be far more complex.

Where Ms. Findlay rightly believes the government should stop protecting dairy farmers, she wrongly believes the government should continue protecting her outstanding political campaign debt of $65,000.

On June 21 Martha Hall Findlay, the former Liberal MP and 2006 party leadership candidate, announced she was against supply management, a system where Canadian dairy farmers are guaranteed prices by the government for their products. Citing the economic distortions that are caused by such a program and the trade advantages garnered without it, Ms.Findlay argued that Canada should end supply management.

And while Martha Hall Findlay is right in her argument, albeit arriving at the position six years too late, she is wrong in her application.

Not only is the argument that ending supply management severely weakened when the arguer is simultaneously trying to get a third extension on a six year overdue loan, but it discredits Martha Hall Findlay's economic qualifications.

And those same creditials are only put into further question when one considers she is planning on running for leadership again, while still in debt from her first campaign many years ago.

Martha Hall Findlay was right that the government shouldn't protect a small group of farmers, but it also shouldn't protect a small group of former MPs who can't manage their own personal finances; and certainly the Liberal Party shouldn't reward them either.


Altavistagoogle said...

Altought this blog post was quite informative on two subjects, you failed to convincingly link the two. Trouble with debt is unrelated to economic understanding. Especially when the only legal way for her to pay off her debt is to beg people for money. said...

Alta, I assumed mismanaging finances and economic understanding were already convincingly linked.

Robert McClelland said...

Her debts say nothing about her economic expertise or lack of it. They do however, bring into question her ability to raise money. said...

Robert, an unemployed person who continues to rack up debt while asking for loan extensions says a lot about the person's economic knowledge.

Robert McClelland said...

You do realize the only way she can pay off the debt is by convincing Canadians to donate money to pay it off. said...

And she had years as an MP to do that. In spending outrageously in 2006 while having little or no plan to pay it back Martha Hall Findlay demonstrated more than questionable skills in basic economics. She has continued to do little fundraising while in debt and once more she is planning on running again still having not paid for her first run.

Findlay would have failed Econ 101.