Monday, September 17, 2012

Romney Is What He Appears To Be & That's Not Being What He Appears to Be

From not releasing his tax returns to flip flopping on almost every major issue, Democrats often warn that Mitt Romney isn't what he appears to be. Good news for Mitt, a new secret-video shows who he really seems to be; bad news for Mitt is that it shows that what he seems to be is duplicitous.

Where Mitt Romney would never in public say he doesn't care about every voter, that those who voted for Obama are freeloaders, and that it's not his job to care about them, at a fundraising event for high rollers the Republican candidate is unusually candid in revealing his duplicity (Videos here)

Mitt Romney is also very easygoing in countering his public image of a loving husband with his private image of a Presidential candidate who knows the public can sick of his spouse (Video here)

Democrats certainly can't continue their narrative that Romney isn't what he appears to be when this video shows that on the contrary, he is what he appears to be, someone who isn't what he appears to be.

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