Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Conservative Carbon Tax

Emitting carbon has a cost to Canadians, whether we call it a carbon tax or not.

Considering this Conservative government is spending money on increasing health care costs from respiratory damage due to pollution, that it is spending money on additional infrastructure because of climate change, and that it is spending money to improve air-quality and the environment; it’s clear this government is collecting additional money through taxes because of carbon emissions.

The Conservatives may not think that the increase in taxes to pay for carbon emissions is a carbon tax, but the additional tax is still a tax and it is being collected because of carbon emissions.

Conservatives can attack the NDP for an imaginary carbon tax, but the Conservative carbon tax is real. And because it includes increased taxes on income instead of gasoline, discouraging people to work more while only encouraging them to emit more carbon, it is much, much worse; for our economy and for our environment.

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