Saturday, September 22, 2012

Real American Voter Fraud

The worst voter fraud is being committed by 43% of Americans.

With a likely close Presidential election, attention is being drawn to efforts to reduce voter fraud in many states across America. Most states have introduced requirements that voters must present driver licenses or similar government issued identification to vote.

Critics of the Republican drafted Voter ID legislation rightly point out that the real purpose of these laws is to disenfranchise blacks, low income earners, and students; in essence those most likely to vote Democrat. Comedian Sarah Silverman in a recent video (see below) commented, "This attempt to prevent voter fraud is itself the only voter fraud taking place."

Ms. Silverman would be right about the real voter fraud if American democracy wasn't already being swindled by nearly half of the country. As democracy can not exist if only a few vote, the declining general voter turnout is what is defrauding America's electoral system.

Though voter fraud is often perpetrated by voters who manipulate the system to achieve results that don't represent reality, in the case of the last presidential election with 43% of Americans not voting, the voter fraud that was was committed was done by those Americans who could vote, but didn't.

With only a small amount of voter fraud cases being found over the past few years and these new Voter ID laws suppressing only, though still sizeable, 21 million votes, by far the largest fraud to American democracy taking place is being committed by those voters who choose not to vote.

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