Thursday, October 11, 2012

Conservatives Can't Avoid Social Responsibility

There is no stronger conservative principle than personal responsibility, however this Conservative government has shown that when people are only responsible to themselves, social well-being suffers, eventually including the well-being of Conservatives.

This apparent contradiction is obvious in that though Conservatives believe in personal responsibility, they also claim the largest government deficits in Canadian history are not their fault, but the world's.

Ignoring that this government has been in office for years, that it has cut billions of dollars in taxes which in turn were solely responsible for deficits in some years, this government has continued to spend beyond its means.

Now in blaming the world's economy and not their own action or inaction, this Conservative government may appear to be renouncing personal responsibility, but they instead are doubling down on it, to their detriment and to the nation's.

Though personal responsibility may sound like a good principle, in isolation it's disastrous, and these Conservatives are proving it.

Conservatives first began making poor economic decisions because they were only thinking of themselves, of making sure they would get elected and stay elected. That's why they cut taxes, that's why they increased spending, and that's why Conservative ridings received a disproportionate amount of the stimulus spending.

This mentality of being responsible only to themselves has led the Conservatives again to do only what is in their best interests and that's not take any blame for massive deficits, declining productivity and increasing unemployment and instead point the finger at the global economy.

If only this Conservative government included social responsibility in their ideological calculus, they would have made tough decisions for the good of Canada, not easy decisions, like cutting the GST, for the good of electing Conservatives in 2006.

But alas for short term gain they didn't, and now Canada's economy is only weakening. Social well being is suffering, and with it, so will the well-being of Conservatives.

It is ironic that when the economy worsens and they lose seats, in failing to include a principle of social responsibility in their ideology, the Conservatives will only have themselves to blame.

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