Sunday, October 28, 2012

Racial Divide Ruining America

America is a politically divided country, racial groups have picked sides and aren't making things any better.

On January 1st the country is set to suffer a 5% cut to its economic output mostly as a result of the fiscal cliff that has loomed ever since Democrats and Republicans failed to agree on a plan to reduce the ever-growing deficit.

The partisanship that has plagued Washington and created this crisis is related to the partisanship that plagues America which itself has motivated different races to become politically aligned, perhaps only dangerously so.

This election the Democratic candidate President Barack Obama is polling to receive 95% of the black vote and 70% of Hispanics, while the Republican candidate Mitt Romney will receive somewhere in the neighbourhood of 60% of the white vote.

Some may argue that a polarized electorate can be beneficial to democracy, however support for parties based on race, or on any other cultural factor, can only lead to a deeper entrenchment of the political divide; one in which sides begin to hold completely different values and that reasonable debate cannot bridge.

Though it will more than likely be avoided, the so far inability to prevent the fiscal cliff appears to be a forerunner to such a crisis.

Where America's diversity used to be its strength, its polarization is making it the country's weakness.

Complete racial groups becoming more partisan is not just imperiling the country from within. If further economic deadlock persists, the rise of China to become the world's largest economy will only be hastened.

And once there, with a population that is 92% Han, instead of worrying about different races dividing the country, China can do what the United States can't, and just worry about governing it.

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