Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Most BCers Support Northern Gateway Pipeline

It shouldn't come as a surprise to British Columbians that they support an oil pipeline that endangers ecologically sensitive terrain, after all they continue to financially support every other pipeline that does the exact same thing.

Opinion polls may consistently show that a majority of BCers oppose Enbridge's Northern Gateway oil pipeline, but those Westerners' continued use of oil from far more dangerous pipelines tells a different story.

A common refrain given by opponents to the Northern Gateway is that the pipeline would go through the extremely sensitive environment of Northern BC, and that is certainly true. But because that pipeline would be built using the most update and current technology, it would be certainly safer than the pipelines that we out West already currently depend on.

In using gasoline that originally travelled unrefined through old pipelines snaking across the province, BCers have already put their money where their mouth is, and believe any potential risk to the environment is outweighed by the benefit of using cars and motorcycles to go to work, to go on trips, or just to go pick up some milk.

There is an image of the West, whose many inhabitants take pride in, that out here, actions speak louder than words. And if that reputation is to be upheld, either BCers support Enbridge's Northern Gateway or stop using the oil from even worse pipelines.

As a Westerner, I won't look at a poll to tell me what British Columbians decide, I'll look at what they do.


The Mound of Sound said...

Wait a second, Scott, but aren't you a young guy from Ottawa, recently transplanted to BC? How exactly does that make you a "Westerner" whatever that is?

And just what sort of engineering/geology credentials do you have to pronounce Northern Gateway somehow safer than other pipelines? Indeed are any of them safe crossing seismically active, mountainous terrain?

And remember, newcomer, those of us on the coast are even more adverse to Northern Gateway in respect of the supertanker issue. I doubt you've much experience of the Hecate Strait or Dixon Entrance. Perhaps if you had some grasp of those realities you wouldn't be so flippant. said...


I'm not from Ottawa, I've never said I was from Ottawa. I was born in BC and have lived here all my life. Perhaps in the future one should act with more reserve when making uncertain judgments.

Where other pipelines that we depend on are decades old, Northern Gateway will integrate the most recent advances in technology with more shut-off valves and thicker reinforcements.

There are pipelines already in seismically active areas in BC and BCers have already shown their tacit support by continuing their dependence on oil.

The supertanker issue is the strongest argument against the Northern Gateway. There is a greater risk of an accident, but the question is whether the benefits outweigh the potential costs.

Considering Canada depends on supertankers that hail from ports in Venezuala, Africa, and Saudi Arabia, it's clear Canadians believe the benefits surrounding oil outweigh the sizeable risks in transporting it half way around the world.

CuJoYYC said...

preventing success or development; harmful; unfavourable.

having a strong dislike of or opposition to something.