Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Preventing Bullying of Amanda Todd Just As Important As Preventing Her Suicide

Amanda Todd's death has put the focus on bullying but in only attempting to solve half of the problem, we're barely solving any of it.

Bullying has plagued every generation, social media, however, in fostering a detached schoolyard mentality, has only made things worse. Current programs to combat bullying are needed to help prevent others from being tormented like how 15 year old Amanda Todd was, but to prevent such tragedies like her death, preventing bullying must be taught along side preventing suicide.

After Amanda Todd's suicide the public was justifiably angry at the bullies that viciously hounded her, however those same mobs were silent on the equally troubling problem of a young person taking her own life.

Perhaps it was easier to get mad at some identifiably bad guy or small group than it was to admit our society has problems when a young teenager makes repeated calls for help, feels like she has no where else to turn, and takes her own life.

Weeks after Amanda Todd's death we've only been focusing on preventing bullying, and ignoring the just as important need of preventing suicide. This is one tragedy on on top of another.

If the public saw both halves to this problem they'd be able to see the solution to one is the solution to the other. And that is if we taught young people to think of the effect of their actions, we would go along way in stopping the harm done to others and the harm done to ourselves

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