Thursday, November 08, 2012

America, Canada's Monarchy

The Queen is unelected by Canadians, is ultimately responsible for Canada's well-being, and exerts no influence over Canadian affairs. The President of the United States is unelected by Canadians, has no responsibility for Canada's well-being, and exerts considerable influence over Canadian affairs.

While the Queen hasn't interfered in any of our government's decisions, the United States government has actually imposed tremendous influence. American influence has pervaded our national energy strategy, our efforts to combat climate change, our foreign affairs, our national defense procurements, and our international trade agreements.

If there are Canadians who want our country to be finally independent of an intrusive sovereign, I suggest they stop jeering at the old lady across the Atlantic, and have a word with a certain tenant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Otherwise it's not some unelected official they have a problem with, it's that they just prefer one who's a bigger celebrity.

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