Thursday, November 29, 2012

And Today Conservatives Respect Police Chiefs

Conservatives only respect police when police agree with Conservatives.

In 2010 Conservative MP Candice Bergen, then Candice Hoeppner, dismissed the opinion of the Canadian Association of Police Chiefs (CAPC) when they supported maintaining the long gun registry. She sent out a press release saying the organization of top cops didn't speak for police. 

Fastforward to today where Conservative MP Jason Kenney is defending Bill C-43, an act to fast track the deportation of permanent residents with a criminal record. Instead of discrediting the CAPC like Ms Bergen had done, Kenney is hailing the top cops as the true unyielding representatives of law enforcement that they are.

What could possibly explain this Conservative change in respect for police chiefs? Simple, the CAPC supports Kenney's Bill where they opposed Bergen's.

The Canadian Association of Police Chiefs has long known that the Conservatives have used them to justify policies when the chiefs support them and criticize the association when they don't. In 2011 a representative of CAPC said in a parliamentary meeting on the long gun registry, "You can’t accept our opinion when it serves your purposes and then dismiss it when it does not."

Now where some may be fine with this Conservative government putting politics before police chiefs, it is clear to every Canadian that after being criticized by this government and yet still supporting Kenney's bill, the police chiefs never for a moment put politics before good policy.

Hopefully Jason Kenney and the rest of the Conservative Party's new found admiration for the CAPC leads them to not just cite the pragmatic and respectable police chiefs, but to start acting like them too.

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