Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blandness Is Easy To Merge With Liberals, NDP, & Greens

Why should the Liberal Party, the NDP, and the Green Party merge? Because they are already united in blandness.

If these parties were not bland, if they were not vague, or if they even had the slightest unique trait among them, merging would not be an option. But alas, proposals of co-operation and potential mergers abound advanced by those on the Left and Centre who want to win the next election yet who simultaneously fail to realize they've already given up.

Because how else could you explain the attitudes of those in a political party, or in this case three, allowing their respective organizations to become so unsubstantive, so directionless, and so vacuous, that they can merge without a hitch.

Clearly the disrepair of these parties was not caused by their respective members trying too hard or their overwhelming passion and dedication, no, these parties failure to differentiate themselves arose out of their surrender to compete long ago.

While some may say the Liberals, NDP, and Greens should unite, I believe they should divide, that they should separate from the vagueness they all share. And instead of joining together because they share ideas or share in the absence of any, they should differentiate themselves  from each other and actually compete as if they were different, because hopefully they will be.

Dividing the progressive parties does not guarantee that they will continue to lose, it guarantees that they will adapt. Three political parties can steal votes from the Conservative Party three different ways, a united Left can only use one. The Liberals, NDP, and Greens can all steal votes from Conservatives, but they must spread out, they must take different positions which of course requires them first to actually take positions.

The Liberals can convince fiscal conservatives to vote for them with policies that are business friendly, like support for the tar sands, higher levels of immigration, and more efficient taxation. The New Democrats can sway blue collar conservatives with appeals to family values, improving living conditions, and strengthening local industry. The Green Party can win over not just the conservatives with an environmental conscience but those who want electoral reform.

Instead of further retrograding into some broad, blunt, bland political party, Liberals, NDPers, and Greens should evolve, hopefully along with Conservatives. And the only way to do that is through competititon.

Let the best party win.

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