Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Now Americans Need To Follow Republican Lead

Voters showed the Republican Party doesn't represent America, but in now facing hard choices, for America's sake, perhaps Republicans should.

After losing the Presidency, again, and additional senate seats, Republicans have realized that their difficulties were caused by themselves and that they need to change; Americans with their structural deficit, unsustainable entitlements, and high levels of inequality should realize that so should they.

That just as Republicans are being forced to come to terms with the mess they caused, Americans need to as well. Leaders of the conservative movement are realizing that certain extreme views contributed to their down fall, senate candidate Todd Aiken's comments on "legitimate rape" is but one of many examples.

But Americans' expectations of their government have gotten comparably extreme. With a national debt of $16.2 trillion and a deficit this year of $1.1 trillion, it is generally accepted that government spending needs to be decreased and additional sources of revenue need to be sought; however large segments of the population simultaneously reject both when any specific program is targeted or a tax rise is rumoured.

Americans need to recognize that not only do their expectations of government need to change but, like the Republicans, their own values need to change.

On November 6th Americans chose not to have a Republican President represent them, but now that the Grand Old Party is making hard choices in order to survive, at least in that regard, Americans should consider following the Republican lead.

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