Sunday, November 04, 2012

There Is No End For Hope & Change

It is hard to imagine how much Obama has let the American people down from his lofty rhetoric in 2008 and how little hope and change he has actually delivered. This of course is not because Obama failed to uphold these particular promises, though it's readily admitted he's failed to uphold others; there is resentment because there is something significantly wrong with America.

When any society believes hope and change are some tangible commodity, some identifiable end or some goal that once attained can be placed upon an award shelf to collect dust, that society seriously misunderstands what hope and change truly are, and prevents the great things they can lead us to achieve.

In confounding hope and change as ends unto themselves, as mere deliverable goods, the American people not only became dispirited when they did not arrive, but lost sight of what the purpose of hope and change is, and that is creating a better place to live, creating a better country.

And while it is debatable whether America has become better or not under Obama, it is not debatable whether hope and change are as important in 2012 as they were in 2008, or for that matter any year since humans have been alive.

Barack Obama did not fail to bring hope and change to America, they were there long before he was President and will be there long after he is gone. Hope and change exist in the ability of Americans to work hard, vote for the direction of their country, and raise their children.

The problem is not that Hope and Change were not delivered by the President, the problem is Americans expected them to be.

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