Monday, November 05, 2012

Why Your Vote Means Something

If your vote is meaningless because it's only one out of 140 million cast, what does that say about you, the importance of your one life on a planet with 7 billion others? Not to mention the short span of your years compared to the billions that came before it and the billions of years that will follow it.

The fact is your vote matters just as much as you do. That even though you, yourself are smaller than a grain of sand in the infinite landscape of time and space, the things you do, the things you say, the things you vote for matter.

It is easy to not vote by hiding behind the excuse your vote won't change anything, but if you truly believe that you wouldn't get out of bed in the morning, you wouldn't even try. Because why do anything at all when more important people than you have made greater changes to the world but have already been forgotten.

In a million years with all the changes in technology, the galaxies we'll have explored, the heileybytes of information accumulated, and the countless historic leaders that will have changed society, even the great people today, the giants among us, will be just as forgotten as ourselves. Their statues will have fallen, their pages in history books will have turned to dust, and they will not be remembered.

Yet knowing this, knowing that we all are just small inconsequential beings relative to the universe, we go on living. We live because we matter, not because we are just one person, but because we are part of something larger. That in a million years our names may all be forgotten but the actions we collectively make in our society, in our countries across the world will impact the generations that follow for years to come.

Your one vote is only meaningless if you think it isn't part of something bigger. Your one vote is only meaningless if you think you are.

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