Thursday, January 10, 2013

Conservatives Bad At Selling Out

What's worse than oil companies spending millions to buy off politicians? Oil companies getting them for free.

The oil sector is vital to Canada's economy, but so are a lot of industries and you don't see them drafting government policy. From the CBC:

A letter obtained by Greenpeace through access to information laws and passed on to the CBC reveals the oil and gas industry was granted its request that the federal government change a series of environmental laws to advance "both economic growth and environmental performance."
Within 10 months of the request, the industry had almost everything it wanted.
I personally support pipeline expansion in Canada and greater development in Alberta, and everywhere else, but I also support a government not dominated by special interests.

Though it might be too much to ask that this government doesn't take orders from large oil corporations, when it does, can it at least get a few donations to the Conservative Party? That way, when it sells out Canadians and the environment the government will at least get something out of the deal to show we're not completely worthless.

Not only do we have a government that can't balance budgets, they can't even get selling out right.

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