Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Devil Of A Valentine

On the face of it Saint Valentine is a pretty odd fellow, after all how many saints have days promoting procreation named after them?

There really is only one other figure who shares such a dichotomy, who like St.Valentine had one of the most holiest of titles yet himself was the most profane. He too asks, with albeit more subtlety but equal enticements, "Will you be mine?" It is by chance that this fiery fellow is also after the heart, the abode and symbol, of the soul.

Both St.Valentine and this once angelic figure are intimately associated with red, perhaps as a warning, or as a hint of some underlying commonality.

But of course such ideas are nonsense, what really would be the purpose of the Devil manifesting or orchestrating a day of lust and fortification under the ruse of some sainthood?

Deception may be his calling card, but Valentines Day is exactly 37 weeks before Halloween. Why would he conceive a day of lust, and then, after the standard time it takes a mother to gestate, have his night where demons are free to enter our world?

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