Friday, February 22, 2013

US Gen. McChrystal Warns Against Drones

This is quite shocking.

This statement might appear to be commonsense, but it is a radical divergence from the standard view that terrorism against the US government is never justified or deserved.

In essence this is a warning from a four-star US General to his government about the use of drones, saying that if America uses them carelessly then it has no right to be outraged over extremist retaliation.

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Jeremy said...

Many people would argue that 9/11 and all the other attacks against America were a direct result of America’s foreign imperialistic policies. So many innocent people who were non-combatants including women and children have been murdered at the hands of the American armed forces. All of a sudden an attack occurs against America and they act so surprised. OMG, “why“ they ask? Why? What did we do? We only tried to help people, liberate them, give them freedom, give them democracy, give them capitalism. Why? Why us? Bin Laden, Saddam and Ruhollah Khomeini were all allies of the U.S. at one time. What they stood for was supported by the U.S at one time. BTW 9/11 was committed by U.S. citizens using U.S. equipment against a U.S. target. How? The hijackers were U.S. citizens using U.S. airplanes after being trained by U.S. flight schools and they hit U.S. building on U.S. soil.