Sunday, March 10, 2013

How A Bad Economy Is Not Harper's Fault

Canada's economy is set to grow less than the government thought, but it's not our Prime Minister's fault.

True under Stephen Harper the World Bank has downgraded Canada from being the 4th most Business Friendly country in 2006 to 17th in 2013, but, as most Conservatives know, businesses have nothing to do with the Canadian economy.

Yes, Stephen Harper was Prime Minister when the World Economic Forum said Canada is becoming less competitive, dropping in global ranking from 9th place in 2009 to 14th place in 2013, but our government can't be responsible for federal regulations, oversight, and  improving education and job training.

While it's admitted that Stephen Harper is spending 20% less on Research and Development than the OECD average, evidence of any correlation between innovation and the economy, though strong, is overrated.

And sure with Stephen Harper as Prime Minister the government has spent more than any other has and crowded out private investment, but government interference cannot be blamed for a weaker Canadian economy, because, as Conservatives know, that only makes it stronger.

So yes the Canadian economy is doing worse than this Conservative government thought, but clearly, this is due to factors outside of their control.


Matthew Day said...

I so much prefer political satire to 'I HATE THE #@^%&*! ' Makes a similar point, but it is the adult way to diss the buggers! said...


I agree. Bellicosity is also no way to persuade people to your cause.