Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another Thing Trudeau & Layton Have In Common

Justin Trudeau and the late Jack Layton have quite a few similarities, underestimation by Conservatives is yet another.

It wasn't too long ago a certain inexperienced federal politician became leader of a third place political party. Though the son of a prominent politician1, in his early life he had not been immediately drawn to federal politics and instead chose a career of teaching. But with time this idealist realized that Canada deserved better than the "conservatives" in power and ran for his party's leadership.2 He easily won it by a large margin on the first ballot... in 2003. This man of course was Jack Layton.

Following his victory, Layton went on to lead the New Democrats to ever-increasing electoral gains. Many of which were at the expense of the Conservative Party.

Prior to becoming leader though Layton had no federal experience, he had ran twice to be a member of parliament in the past but had lost every time. In fact it took more than a year after heading the NDP for him to finally walk into the House of Commons for the first time in 2004.

Justin Trudeau on the other hand has been in Parliament since 2008 having won on his first campaign, in an extremely Liberal-unfriendly riding and in an election that the Liberals had suffered one of their worst defeats. He has gone on to win that same riding again even while his party experienced an odds-defying even worse defeat.

Of course the Conservatives can claim Justin Trudeau lacks experience, but he has more now than Jack Layton did when he became Leader. And Jack Layton went on to defeat the Conservatives in ridings across Canada.

But perhaps that's the reason why the Conservatives have so much experience, when they erroneously underestimate one leader, it doesn't stop them from mistakenly underestimating another.

1. [Robert Layton was a Progressive Conservative cabinet minister under Brian Mulroney]  
2. [Jack Layton often called the Liberals in government at the time, "Conservatives".]


HCC said...

Here's something else they have in common:

Moreover, Quebec has never been trying to "secede":

Ryan Spinney said...

Disgusting, comparing a great man like Jack Layton to Justin Trudeau, offence to Jack's memory is great. Justin is no Jack.

Jack was a city councillor for along time, had a Doctorate in Political Science and had great achievements such as the white ribbon campaign. Jack push for many policies at city hall and one thing he was known for his great wealth of ideas, something no one can accuse Justin Trudeau of having.

I could compare Mulcair to Pierre Trudeau's more positive traits for more easily then one can compare Justin to Jack, but trying to poach the heroes of other parties is just pathetic. said...


What I find disgusting is fake outrage and you have it in spades.

While I offered similarities between Trudeau and Layton I also contrasted them; most notably Layton's lack of experience in federal government before becoming leader of a federal party.

I would wager you can not compare Mulcair to Trudeau better than the first paragraph of my post which could describe either Trudeau or Layton. I would implore you to try.

As for your suggestion I was trying to poach Layton, you are implying I think he was a hero. I do not because I have my feet firmly on the ground.

wilson said...

If the CPC was underestimating Trudeau they wouldn't have brought out attack ads within 24 hours of his coronation.

It is Trudeau who is underestimating the effect of attack ads.
He is not immune. said...

Wilson, not true. Yes the Conservatives have attacked Trudeau, but they did so by calling him inexperienced. This is clearly an underestimation of his ability to challenge them just as their similar claim against Layton was. said...

Wilson, to additionally clarify I'll show attacking does not necessitate treating an opponent accurately.

A blogger could attack you, say you should never become Prime Minister because your breath stinks. Such an attack lacks any merit and undoubtedly underestimates your abilities to lead.

In using a blatantly weak attack against Trudeau, especially one shown meaningless by Layton, it is certain the Conservatives are once again underestimating an opposition leader.