Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The People Who Deserve To Lose Liberal Leadership

In the election of the next Liberal Leader, Joyce Murray and Martha Hall Findlay don't deserve to lose, but most of their supporters do.

Like those who supported Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff in their leadership bids, Liberals who are supporting any other candidate besides Justin Trudeau for Leader are making a grave mistake, and that's failing to recognize popularity trumps policy every time.

It is the academics, the politicos, and the policy wonks that criticize Trudeau's lack of policy who deserve to lose. They are the ones who are so out of touch with ordinary, mostly apathetic Canadians that they think policies like ending supply management or electoral co-operation will magically get out the vote. Under our current electoral system this is a losing proposition.

Some may mourn or complain about how sad it is that celebrity should be priority in selecting a political leader, but they couldn't be more wrong. In fact it is the best situation to be able to elect an overwhelming popular candidate to lead, because that is what Canadians want.

Until that changes, until Canadians don't vote for name recognition, mere tradition, or a pretty face, it's great that we will have a celebrity leader. The only thing that should be admonished is those people who are so out of touch with Canadians that they don't recognize the reality of that benefit.

And it is those people who don't understand how democracy works that deserve to lose.

At least in losing these supporters will see that the problem isn't Trudeau's lack of policy, it is that democracy prefers it. And just maybe that will motivate these academics, politicos, and policy wonks to make a policy popular enough to change that.

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