Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Undemocratic Elected Senate & The Democratic Appointed One

90% of Americans support universal background checks for guns yet on Wednesday the American Senate struck down that legislation. That's not very democratic, is it?

Those in Canada who fervently cling to the idea that voting will make our Senate democratic almost completely ignore the problems that come with it, such as the lobbyists and interest groups, like the National Rifle Association, that frequently override public opinion.

Contrasted with the American example, it is the Canadian appointed Senate that actually represents its citizens, because in not being elected the Senate recognizes the public does not empower it to drastically change or defeat bills from the House of Commons.

And when the Senate does, in the rare times, reject bills from the elected house, it is to protect the interests of minorities and Canada's regions, as it did in 1991 where it defeated a bill to re-criminalize abortion.

Considering the American Senate appears democratic but acts undemocratic; it's exact opposite, the Canadian Senate, isn't so bad.


The Rat said...

Ahh yes, the oft repeated plea by our Liberal betters. It changes from time to time but somehow it always circles back to "we're just smarter than you, we don't need pesky elections". And look, they have elections in America and the people elected didn't do what us Liberals think is best. See, democracy doesn't work. The Scott Ross for benevolent dictator. said...


Yes I am a dictator because I have a super cool blog, but the American Senate that voted against 90% of the American people is democratic.