Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Christy Clark Is Unstoppable

Christy Clark is unstoppable.

She became Liberal Leader with only the support of one MLA. Members of her caucus criticized her. 17 of them fearing defeat didn't run for re-election. Practically every pundit and journalist thought Clark was going to lose and so did every single polling firm. But last night she won.

Not only did she turn around a failing election campaign, Clark turned around a failing party.

Her predecessor with an approval rating of only 9% was the least popular Canadian politician in the last 40 years. The poorly implemented Harmonized Sales Tax had mobilized over 700,000 British Columbians against her governing party. And after 12 years in power, infighting and internal conflict only further weakened the BC Liberals, practically guaranteeing their electoral defeat.

But last night the BC Liberals won. Clark did something no one thought she could do. And because of that, no one will make that same mistake again.

Christy Clark is unstoppable. Not because she really is some unbelievable impossible force, but because no one else now has the credibility to say otherwise.


The Rat said...

Anyone who thinks Clark is in any way responsible for this knows nothing about BC politics. The only reason she won was tha voters, when faced with the reality of an NDP government, held their noses and voted for the only viable alternative. Now we hope that she loses the leadership after losing her seat. There is no safe riding for her to run in. said...

Rat, Clark is responsible for this if for the only fact she held her ground against her own party that criticized her, polling firms and journalists that wrote her off, and a predecessor that decimated the BC Liberal brand.

You're mistaken if you think Clark will lose anything in the next four years, if not the next eight. This was a historic and unprecedented comeback.