Saturday, June 15, 2013

Trudeau Was Conservative With Nonprofit

In the free market prices reflect demand, instead of choosing a few events to speak at arbitrarily, Justin Trudeau set a price to attend those gatherings that wanted him the most. This method of relying on market prices to benefit charities and businesses is a rather conservative idea.

So yes before he was Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau set a price to reflect the demand of those wanting to hear him speak, Stephen Harper for years did too, it just happened no one would pay to hear him talk.

Now the irony is that as Prime Minister we all pay when Mr.Harper speaks, not because we buy tickets, but because we are the ones left with the bills when he announces yet another deficit and even more debt.

Perhaps we should start paying him to be quiet.


Michael said...

If Trudeau TAKES money from a charity that is having financial problems, KEEPS the money knowing that instead of giving it back, rather than GIVING his time, then he is missing the point. And frankly, so are you.

wilson said...

It's not political it's personal Scott.
Mr Trudeau is a millionaire, with a booking agent.
Turns out he is self serving, which blows his 'nice guy' image. said...

Michael and Wilson, if Trudeau is available for one night but there are two charitable organizations holding an event at the same time, please advise me of another way besides the free market of determine which event to attend. And of course ignore how this Conservative government is drafting legislation on social impact bonds, a method for investors to profit off of nonprofit organizations.

kitt said...

How come LAST YEAR, the charity in question were very pleased with the event and thanked Trudeau profusely for his help with their fund raiser? I think the CONs are missing the point or trying to create a point - a year later because their dear leader is in deep scandal doo-doo.

wilson, nice guys charge for speeches, if anyone would pay them to give a speech, which is not forthcoming to any CONs