Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Conservative MP Celebrates Anti-Bullying Day By Threatening Violence

Yesterday was Pink Shirt Day, it's a day dedicated to ending bullying. Now if you didn't wear a pink shirt, don't feel too bad, because unless you spent the day threatening someone with violence and having to be physically restrained, you're still one up on Conservative MP Ron Cannan.

Because it was on Pink Shirt Day that this backbencher MP chose to make a brave stand for bullies everywhere. Now he didn't ask Parliament why we don't have a national day for bullies, Camoflage Tank-Top Day if you will, he did one better; he brought the bullying to the House of Commons and threatened another MP with violence.

The scene more accustomed to taking place at recess by the bike racks occurred after NDP MP Dan Harris accused the International Trade Minister Ed Fast of making a handgun gesture at another NDP member. A few moments later Ron Cannan began yelling at Mr.Harris, going so far as even leaving his custom-molded backbench to storm the NDP seating area.

It's reported that Cannan became more "belingerant", telling Dan Harris that they should take this outside. Two other MPs had to intervene, restrain Cannan and escort him away. There is no word yet if Cannan was wearing a pink shirt at the time.

Now to his credit, in challenging another MP to a fight, Cannan did bring attention to the fact that bullying is a problem. However it us now who have to challenge Cannan to go outside the Parliament buildings, not to fight him of course, just to leave him there.

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